George Street welcomes pedestrians and the City opens new public spaces

Lord Mayor Clover Moore (centre), MP Alex Greenwich (left) and MP Rob Stokes (right) open the South George Street Pedestrian Spaces. Picture: Facebook


Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore celebrated the opening of the most recent public works on George St, improving and expanding downtown public spaces. Finished works include the expansion of a pedestrian boulevard which runs from Bathurst Street to Rawson Place, advancing into Devonshire Street in Surry Hills.

The project is part of a $43.5 million City of Sydney project to make the city ​​center line of St George accessible to pedestrians, public transport and cyclists. The NSW Government has provided an additional $1m and the Federal Government $7m to expand the street works since the project was approved by Council in December 2020, and construction began shortly thereafter.

The whole project is set to add 9,000 square meters of car-free space in Sydney city centre, with the most recent developments on George St and Devonshire St including extended pedestrian areas, granite pathways and more open spaces for outdoor dining.

George Street

Introducing pedestrian spaces along George Street as part of a $43.5 million City of Sydney project. Photo: City of Sydney.

The transformation of George Street more complete than ever

“I wouldn’t have called it ‘beautiful George Street’ ten years ago,” Mayor Moore said at the public opening. “It was crowded. It was full of cars. It was full of buses. It was dirty.

Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport, Rob Stokes, who also attended the opening, said the project “transformed what was a very tired and frankly dangerous part of George Street, into a place for people only”, and “to make sure that our streets are shared spaces”.

In a statement from the City of Sydney, Lord Mayor Moore celebrated how the project had been completed with “minimum disruption”, saying “this project has been delivered in record time”.

“Record time” to complete a project has been on the council’s mind since its conception, after the usual tenders have been hijacked when the construction contract was awarded to Civil Sydney.

With construction complete, the new pedestrian spaces on George Street and Devonshire Street are now officially open to the public.

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