Geena Davis was treated differently after her Oscar win

“They didn’t want a woman to potentially cause them trouble.”

Geena Davis was treated differently after she won her first Oscar — and it didn’t work out for the better.

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In 1989, Geena won the prize for best supporting actress for her performance in The Accidental Tourist.

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While she says she had “unexpectedly an amazing feeling of having accomplished something,” she recalled several directors trying to put her in her place after her win when she arrived on set.

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“I had two directors, after I won the Oscar, with whom I had a rough start because they assumed I would think I was ‘all of them,’ and they wanted to make sure I didn’t feel like I was ‘all that'”, said Geena on the Allison interviews podcasting.

She continued, “Without meeting me or spending any time with me or anything, they just assumed I was going to say, ‘Well, now nobody’s going to tell me what to do!'”

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Geena noted that she never expected the win to put her “at the top of the A-list” or be her “magic ticket to doing everything” she wanted to do.

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Instead, Geena believes the rocky relationship with the directors happened because she was female.

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“I think maybe because I was a woman, the directors felt that way. And maybe it was even unconscious bias that they might do it to a woman and not a man. But they didn’t want a woman to potentially harm them.” problems,” she said.

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Geena added: “They wanted to make sure I knew my place, and maybe… It probably wouldn’t happen to a man.”

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You can hear everything Geena had to say here.

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