Gastown’s iconic steam clock smashed and shattered glass (PHOTOS)

Artist Douglas Coupland called Vancouver the City of Glass, but lately it’s sounding more like the City of Broken Glass.

According to Vancouver police, they have launched an investigation into whether someone intentionally damaged the Gastown Steam Clock on Saturday night.

On Sunday, the VPD’s forensic identification unit was dispatched to collect evidence. Now patrol investigators are looking for witnesses and security video.

On Sunday May 1, there was no glass on the ground near the iconic tourist attraction, which is at Cambie and Water Street, but the area was partially sealed off. Yet the tourists didn’t seem to care.

Andrew Lachkovic | daily hive

Social media users circulated photos of the damaged clock on Saturday May 2.

A City of Vancouver source told The Daily Hive that city staff were securing the area around the clock with steam to ensure it was safe. Then they will assess the damage and determine next steps. More information should be available in the coming days.

A representative from the Gastown Business Improvement Society told the Daily Hive that the City of Vancouver is responsible for maintaining the Steam Clock, but the company shares some of the costs.

Since COVID-19, there is overwhelming anecdotal and data-based evidence of increased vandalism across the city, especially in neighborhoods like Chinatown and Gastown.

In the April Public Safety Indicators report, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) said property crimes rose to 7,511 in 2022, up 6.8% from 2021.

Harms increased by 4.1% over last year and over the three-year average; it increased by 9.4%.

Daily Hive Urbanized has connected with Extreme Glass, who said the number of calls from their company regarding broken glass in businesses is unprecedented.

Daily Hive has contacted the city and VPD for more information and will update this story.

With Daily Hive staff files.

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