Game Drops Eminem Diss’ 10-Minute Song ‘The Black Slim Shady’

The Game dropped a scathing 10-minute song against Eminem.

Friday August 12, the new album of The Game Drillmatic: Heart versus Mind came out, revealing a track on the 31-song LP titled “The Black Slim Shady,” which finds Chuck aiming for the rap god for a long time.

Produced by Hit-Boy, Big Duke and Brian King Joseph, The Game tries to get under Eminem’s skin by using the Detroit rapper’s flows and delivering tons of sharp bars on the 10-minute song, similar to his 14-minute diss track in 2005. “300 bars and racing”. In verses three and four, Game intensifies the disrespect.

“You depressed, you just mask it/You pop an Adderall, a Vicodin and an Aspirin/But the math wasn’t in it,” raps The Game. “So pass me the torch ’cause the torture in my mind/With the voice that sets the rhymes I had to close my eyes/I’m done seeing the owls in a white Rolls Royce with five .9 /When you pretended to be the 5’9″ white Royce.”

He continued, “Might force the white man to call D-12 to be the hog that grinds hogs/And Detroit’s greatest rapper giving this award is Sean Don’s/So uncork the Chardonnay and put my fork in some white wine/I never heard you in the club, never heard you in the bar/Eleven albums and ten never played in my car/I’d rather listen to Snitch9ine like 69 times/And participate to sixty-nine with 69 nuns rather than listen to you.”

The Game then goes on to downplay Eminem’s impact on hip-hop.

“Twenty-three, I still haven’t penetrated the culture / You ain’t, top five, in my eyes, BIG or Pac,” Game spits. “No Andre, not Nas, stop telling white lies/Sniff a white line, it’s a good time/I’m Suge Knight Vanilla Ice, I’m not Mr. Nice Guy.”

The Compton, Calif. MC even raps about Eminem’s mother.

“Now I’m here, hope you’re ready, it ain’t mama’s spaghetti / That’s your dad at 22 when he ate little Debbie,” Game raps. “He takes the cake/Cause she was only fifteen, so how can you not sympathize with the fact that she saw you as a teenager?/She must have lost herself in the moment, gave up her dreams/Just to seeing his son here looks like a wigger in jeans.”

Also, at one point in the track, he seems to hint that he kidnapped Hailie. “Dear Slim, Hailie is with me and she’s unharmed so far/(‘Dad, I’m really scared’).”

On the outro, Game appears to taunt Eminem to reply with the bars, “Mr. Shady, don’t be sleazy/Pick that pen, don’t be lazy/Call Dre and get that beat Dre/Jump off the stage if shit gets crazy.”

The Game’s new diss track was teased by The Game’s manager, Wack 100, in April during a Clubhouse session. “We’re starting a fire,” Wack said at the time. “The Black Slim Shady is coming. That nigga better be ready ’cause that nigga gone crazy.”

The game hints that he has wanted to smoke with Eminem for several months, seemingly without any provocation. In March, he told Drink Champions podcast that he would be willing to fight Em in a Verzuz. The diss track comes two months after The Game proclaimed he was better than Eminem during an interview on the All the smoke podcast. “When I say I want to have a rap battle with Eminem, or Eminem’s not the greatest rapper, or I’m better than him…I’m supposed to think I’m better than all the rappers,” he said. said the Compton. , explained the Californian rapper.

Bravado aside, it’s unclear why Game is so fervently attacking Eminem’s helmet. Several years ago, he had nothing but love and praise for Slim Shady.

“Even when I was going to 50 [Cent] and me and [Dr.] Dre disagreed, I stayed away from the white dude,” Game said in a 2010 interview, referring to Em. “That’s a problem. I understand well. I don’t think that’s a rapper he won’t kill. You don’t even want a war with Eminem, he’s crazy.”

It seems Game has had a change of heart and is ready for anything.

Listen to “The Black Slim Shady” below.

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