Frosts Garden Center staff attending Moonwalk London

STAFF at Frosts Garden Center in Frilford take part in a night walk in bras to raise money for a breast cancer charity.

Seven women from the garden centre, opposite Millets Farm Center on Kingston Road, will take part in Moonwalk London on Saturday 14 May.

Participants wear decorated bras and walk 26.2 or 15.1 miles. The group, dubbed the ‘Flower Power’ team, are hoping to raise £700.

Alyssa, Sophie, Shelly, Becky, Betsy, Emily and Freya

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Team leader Alyssa Himpson said: “This year’s theme is ‘Your Heroine’ and we believe all women are heroines and would like to represent that by decorating our bras with flowers – the name works perfectly all working together in a garden centre.

“It’s also a personal challenge for all of us walking an entire marathon.”

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