FOUR more regions ready to ban garden hoses

It’s been a while since we’ve had to think of a garden hose ban in the UK, but an unusually hot and dry summer could soon force more hands. Some regions have already confirmed they are ‘tightening the taps’ in the coming days – and London could suffer as well.

A changing climate and unusual weather conditions have put local water authorities in a difficult position. In total, there are FOUR counties that will introduce strict measures in August – but some places have already turned the screw.

Who already has a garden hose ban?

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight were hit with the restrictions on Friday August 5. The garden hose ban is expected to be enforced “at least until the end of the summer”, and these two places will certainly not be outliers in the future.

Where will the garden hose ban be enforced next?

The consumers in Kent and sussex are the next to ban garden hoses. On Friday August 12, more than a million people will be subject to the new restrictions – which prevent people from using their external water sources to wash cars, fill swimming pools or even hydrate their gardens.

Parts of Wales will also be subject to the ban, which begins a week later on Friday August 19. All Pembrokeshireand select parts of Carmarthenshire, are expected to “dry up” later this month. Anyone breaching the restrictions could be fined £1,000.

Will London soon face water restrictions?

A spokesperson for Thames Water has already told the BBC that a garden hose ban – and possible other measures – could be extended to London in the coming weeks. Although nothing has been confirmed, an excessively dry month of August is likely to aggravate the problem.

“If we don’t see ‘near to above average rainfall’ in the coming weeks, pressure on resources could indeed lead to the need for more water-saving measures, including restrictions.” . | Thames water

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