FOCUSING ON FITNESS: THRC helps residents keep New Year’s resolutions, get in shape

As the first month of the new year begins to wane, many are doing their best to keep up with their resolutions. There are many common decisions people try to stick to, including staying organized, saving money, or getting more exercise.

At the Texas Health & Racquet Club (THRC) in San Marcos, you’ll find many opportunities to get active and stay fit.

“We understand that not everyone wants to work the same way. It’s really challenging and stressful,” said Nick Wroblosky, COO of THRC. “So you have to come up with a lot of different avenues. So we have, you know, the latest equipment and weight rooms.”

The fitness facility has been in operation for about 20 years and has been a community favorite for many.

“We are used to serving a large number of community members, you know, families and retirees and people that are already established in San Marcos,” Wroblewski said. “After COVID, we have already seen a huge influx of students and young graduates who are starting to move, live and stay in the area. That is why we built the downtown site.”

Throughout the pandemic, gym staff and members have done what they can to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others.

“This is something I have to give to my members. They are very conscientious. We don’t provide towels, we provide cleaning wipes on the floors, but they themselves take them to wipe before picking up afterwards. And we have a full-time clean team,” Wroblewski said.

THRC offers members different exercise methods including group fitness classes and personal training options. Those looking to start their fitness journey are encouraged to do so regardless of speed or experience.

“Set a really small goal that is achievable. If 30 minutes a week is huge for you, set that as your number one goal and go from there,” Wroblewski said.

With many putting the gym as one of their primary focus points with the new year, Wroblewski talked about how work tends to rebound during this time.

“Usually in the last two weeks of January there is still a good hangover from the holidays. By the beginning of the end of the month, then you see it getting better,” Wroblewski said. “So everything is fine until spring break. Spring break is the big cut. That’s where a lot of people work for, and then the cycle starts kind of again.”

Whether you exercise regularly or start in 2022 with a change, THRC can help you with any part of your fitness journey.

“Celebrate the small victories too, these are absolutely important. If you feel different when you wake up in the morning. It’s huge. You don’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Wroblewski said.

People can sign up for membership in person at the Downtown or McCarty THRC locations. Additionally, to register or for additional information, visit or call 512-353-0789. For updates and more, follow THRC on Facebook (THRCSM) and Instagram (@thrc_sanmarcos).

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