Flip Book animations inside 3D prints

We’ve all seen 3D printed zoetropes and flip book animations drawn in the corner of notebooks. The fluid, changing shape of the layers that form on a 3D printer is satisfying. And we all know the joy of hidden and nested objects.

Hackaday graduate [Caleb Kraft] has a few pieces of art that all reflect all of that. It makes animations by recording a 3D printer. What’s interesting is that his footprint is made up of two objects. An exterior with a normal filling that gives a solid shape, and a layered cake like the interior with a solid filling. It’s documented in this YouTube video.

Frame stack CAD model
Frame stack CAD model

There are a lot of things to sort out. The outer object should be printed without supports. The thickness of the “layer cake” layers determines the frame rate. I had to wonder how he triggered the shutter when the head wasn’t in the way.

His first, experimental piece is the classic “bouncing ball” animation, inside a ball, and his mature piece is Eadward Muybridge’s “The Horse, in Motion” inside a camera. .

We have covered [Caleb Kraft] before, of course. His track Moon On A Budget is magnificent. And we have covered a number of 3D printer animations. and 3D zoetropes. We were particularly drawn to this one.

Thank you [jmc] for the tip!

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