Fitness and health gift guide for Mother’s Day 2022

It’s time to think again about how to spoil the mothers in our lives. Whether she likes to work out or just relax, this Mother’s Day guide is full of fitness and health gifts she’ll actually use.

Rest and relaxation

RENPHO Smart Eye Massager $50.48 (normally $79.99)

Connected fitness has taken home fitness to another level, but with it comes even more time spent staring at screens. RENPHO offers an eye massager that brings you heat, massage and music, to relieve you from eye strain. It is rechargeable, compact, Bluetooth compatible and adjustable in size. This product is state of the art passive recovery.

Hypervolt Go 2 massage gun – $199

The Hypervolt Massage Gun from Hyperice has changed the game for recovery. It’s up to the user to operate the weapon on themselves or find someone generous enough to volunteer their time. The weight and size of the Hypervolt had been a hindrance for my wife. Its saving grace was found with the Hypervolt Go 2. It’s smaller, lighter, quieter, and powerful enough.

The splash zone

Connected fitness equipment isn’t really in a price range where every member of the household can have their own machines. And while I know my wife has love for me, I’m also sure she doesn’t like riding a bike or walking immediately after my sweat-soaked sessions.

Drip towel – $59 (two-pack)

The towels are high quality, but what puts them on the list are the rubber clips and the retractable reel. The Driptowel system works great on just about any equipment because the retractable reel allows the towel to reach you from a distance.

Drip wipes – $10

It’s easy to put yourself off working out when you consider it’s an overly long commitment that includes a shower. The drip wipes help you cool down enough to get on with the rest of your to-do list until it’s time for a shower.


Prestige Labs Intra – $67 (normally $87)

Designed as a drink during workouts, Intra is also popular as an anytime drink. With diets that include periods of fasting and more intense workouts that can make people unable to swallow whole foods, Intra is an amino drink that helps replenish what you need.

Prestige Labs Protein Blend – $49 (normally $107)

A delicious protein powder can ward off sweet cravings in a big way. The Prestige Labs Protein Blend flavors taste great and the powder mixes well. There’s no shortage of fun protein powder recipes online, maybe get her a jar and try one as a Mother’s Day treat.

Cycling style and comfort

BALEAF Women’s Cycling Shorts – $38.99

There’s no bike ride too long for my wife. Early on, she realized she needed to invest in padded briefs or shorts. The best she’s found, and at a great price too, are these padded cycling shorts. The bib style keeps her comfortable even on her 90 minute rides!

Nike SuperRep Cycling Shoes – $78.97 (normally $120)

These cycling shoes have the most flexible upper you can find. Nike recognizes that there is a market for indoor cycling shoes only, so they went ahead and created something extremely comfortable, that wouldn’t necessarily hold up to the elements. Plus, they have great colors and patterns.

Big gift tickets

NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike in Alpine White – $2,499

Our house is literally overflowing with exercise equipment. My wife was very patient with the growing stock at first, but eventually got to the point where she wanted her house back. There are a few pieces of gear she has specifically request being in the house, among the furniture, and this bike is one of them. Classically styled wrapped handlebars and a brown vegan leather seat, paired with a soft white frame, this bike is gorgeous.

Echelon GT+ Connect Bike

Echelon is one of the only major players in connected fitness to offer equipment in fun colors. This bike has accent color choices in baby blue, sherbet orange, pale purple, and hot pink to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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