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Hidden in the heart of New Acton, a neighborhood that perfectly blends cultural experiences with nature, a rewilding awaits.

SPIRAL Botanicals – a florist that celebrates contemporary floral art and design – has blossomed, bringing wilderness and the beauty of nature to the streets of the city.

Owned and operated by Greta Kerr, 23, and Caitlin Buckler-Jones, 29, SPIRAL was born in 2021 after the couple realized they wanted to help make the floristry industry a better place. and more durable.

Prioritizing locally grown and seasonal flowers to create stunning, bespoke arrangements that manifest the beauty of life, Greta and Caitlin say they’re getting back to what’s wild, natural and grown without the usual rules of floristry.

“A poppy blooms in a field just because it’s blooming, not because someone else is there to see it,” says Greta. “And that’s what we perceive to be the true purpose and meaning behind the flowers.”

“Rewilding is about making the most of natural beauty, rather than structuring it, wiring it up and trying to create it in a form that is unnatural,” adds Caitlin.

Caitlin Buckler-Jones and Greta Kerr. Photography: Lydia Downe of Studio Downe (@lydiadownecreative)

Letting nature completely influence their work, SPIRAL’s bespoke arrangements are inspired by seasonality and supplied by micro-growers in Canberra and the surrounding region.

Offering the choice of bouquets inspired by the colors of Chilli (reds, oranges and yellows), Berries (pinks, purples and blues), Lime (greens, whites and creams) Nectarine (oranges, pinks and yellows) and eggplant (violets, mauves, blues and whites), no two bouquets are identical.

“A lot of other florists do something called floristry by numbers,” Caitlin explains. “You order a bouquet from their website and each time you get three yellow roses, three chrysanthemums, three of this and three of that.”

“It also takes away creativity, seasonality and the choice of a florist. The whole industry is about creating moving moments and supporting people at important times in their lives and we believe flowers should reflect that.

Photography: Lydia Downe of Studio Downe (@lydiadownecreative)

In addition to bold color options, SPIRAL also offers a signature style bouquet: a wild, organic and unexpected blend of texture and design that reflects the natural world and lets creativity run free.

According to Greta and Caitlin, the idea behind their artistry is to help customers focus on the uniqueness of the bouquet rather than the individual flowers.

“We would like them to focus on the beautiful arrangement, how it all fits together, how it reflects the weather, the beautiful producers we have and their availability,” says Caitlin.

By selling flowers and foliage from local growers, the duo also minimizes their carbon footprint and puts sustainability at the forefront of floristics.

Present their bouquets in 100% biodegradable gift wrap or in a glass vase, dry arrangements in-store without the addition of harsh chemicals or dyes, and offer green waste to people who can reuse leftover stock and scraps are just a few of the lasting solutions. practices they implement to make a difference in a “wasteful” industry.

“I think all businesses should be sustainable and not just green at the forefront,” says Greta.

“When you think of a florist business, how can it not be sustainable and not be a celebration of the environment and what mother nature has to offer? I think that has to be at the heart of it all .

With every aspect of the store carefully curated by the duo (from the minimalist yet modern layout they designed themselves to the handmade ceramics on display), SPIRAL and its philosophy also connects with customers as Greta and Caitlin seek to find the hidden passion behind every purchase.

“It’s always about the person, the event…there’s always a reason behind giving a bouquet, and Caitlin and I try to find that reason to inform the creation. We really try to perceive floristry as an art form, and the medium is flowers,” says Greta.

Celebrate nature and nurture with SPIRAL this year by gifting the “mother” in your life with locally grown fresh flowers spiralized with love. Through Facebook.

And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, they’re celebrating nature and nurturing with a special offer that will bring beauty, light and color to your caregiver with their Mother’s Day bouquets.

“It doesn’t have to be the person who gave birth to you. It’s about your community, your network, your support, and showing your love for the people who created and raised you to be the person you are,” says Caitlin.

“It’s a special Mother’s Day coming up because Caitlin is going to be a mom herself,” Greta adds.

In SPIRAL Botanicals, you’ll find a rediscovery of contemporary floral design, but ultimately the two-woman team wants to help people get back to art and emotion by celebrating love and human connection.


What: Spiral Botanicals

Where: Ovolo Nishi, 2 Phillip Law Street, Acton

When: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., closed Sunday.


Telephone: 0400 081 234

Instagram: @spiralbotanicals

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