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A small deli bakery with big ideas has always been on the menu for the foodie forces behind Project Enoki, but it wasn’t until their beloved dog fell ill that they realized they had to stop dreaming and start. to plan.

Take the plunge and open their very first restaurant, Sourdog Provisions (a play on the word sourdough and a tribute to their dog Autumn Rose) is the latest passion project of Gerald Ong and Esther Loke as they take the plunge to live a more intentional life focused on good food, good people and good deeds.

And unlike the popular Verity Lane pop-up, the delicatessen, bakery and neighborhood vendor are here to stay.

Featuring a rotating menu of sourdough breads, flatbreads, rolls, pastries, cakes and cookies baked daily by Esther as well as salads of seasonal products, roasted vegetables and meats, Sourdog The provisions are different from your typical Canberra bakery and deli.

Designed to be a space to gather with friends and enjoy the charcuterie specialties and artisanal provisions, the place Nicholls ticks all the boxes (including free parking and a dog-friendly atmosphere) and provides a feast for the eyes as the duo display the tantalizing variety of food available from a glass counter.

Almond and buckwheat chocolate tart with hazelnut mousseline, how about it?

With a menu that changes with the seasons and inspired by local producers, the opening morning offers gourmets a rustic focaccia (French cousin of Italian focaccia), Barossa Valley ham, cheddar and fragrant spicy zhug toast, flatbread topped with veggies (think pumpkin, spinach, and feta), cinnamon rolls, and more. Batch brewed coffee, teas and hot chocolates will also be on offer, perfect for chilly Canberra mornings.

If that’s not enough, the lunch menu includes roasted pumpkin with cumin, toasted nuggets and almonds with brown butter and lemon, a 12-hour cooked shoulder of lamb with chimichurri, fig, Meredith Dairy feta, honey and arugula. plus a few pies and sausage rolls for good measure.

Made on site, take-out sourdough breads and cakes will also be available when you want to take out, including the iconic Project Enoki Burnt Basque Cheesecake.

The iconic whole burnt Basque cheesecake.

“The Enoki team is back, so the boys are back in town as they say,” Gerald explains. But the biggest difference [with Sourdog Provisions] is the collaboration and focus of the menu.

“Enoki, it was 90% me pushing Southeast Asian cuisine and it was a really good time for us, but we also realized through experience that we had created a very strong team and close-knit… We decided to have a more collaborative approach to the menu this time around. I think it’s actually better than the previous project because this collaboration leverages all of our strengths.

Home-baked flatbread with Barossa Valley ham, melty chedder and a Yemeni-inspired green sauce with fragrant spices called zhug.

Gerald, a former sous chef at Chairman and Yip, and Esther, a former pastry chef at Pialligo Estate, had planned to continue working for others until they were ready for retirement, but after experiencing two lockdowns COVID-19 and taken care of the fall, they knew it was time to seize the day when the perfect place presented itself.

“Life is not always very predictable. The idea of this delicatessen and bakery was going to be our retirement,” explains Esther.

“But because of everything that’s happened in the last two years, and because we stumbled across this place, we were like, ‘You know what, let’s just give it a try. Life is quite short and very uncertain, so we decided to go ahead and do it.

With Autumn taking things day by day and overseeing the creation of the perfect place to nurture sustainable communities, Gerald and Esther weave their new motto into everything they do, including their supply chain and vision for sustainability. ‘environment.

“We have always thought about sustainability since the Enoki project,” explains Esther. “And so, from there, it’s about how do we actually nurture sustainable communities? Not just within the industry, but also extended to farmers and growers.

This roasted pumpkin with cumin and almonds in brown butter is just a lunch treat.

Working closely with local producers, including Hundred Acres Produce in Hall (and currently looking to collaborate with others), every aspect of Sourdog Provisions comes down to the duo’s values: good food, good people, and good deeds.

“It goes back to our mission statements of how we want to conduct ourselves, how we want to run things, how we would like to interact with people and the environment. It’s about living our best life every day by practicing our mantra” , explains Esther.

Now open for dine-in or take-out as well as catering, a trip to Nicholls for good food from good people never felt…well, so good.


What: Arrangements for sourdog

Or: 28/64 Kelleway Ave, Nicholls

When: Wednesday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., closed Sunday and Monday.


Instagram: @sourdogprovisions

Photography: Parv Kapoor

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