Fancy a bit of the outdoors? Here are eight other places to dine out in Canberra

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As a strange and unpredictable summer in La Nina draws to a close, you might feel deprived of your outdoor dining experience.

But don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to create memories outdoors and get violently attacked by mosquitoes at the same time. Here are eight outdoor restaurants that will make you forget the end of summer.

Gang Gang Cafe and Bar (Downer)

Does your dog love coffee as much as you do? Or maybe you have a dog patting the void you need to fill? Well, look no further than Gang Gang. Located next to the Downer playgrounds, it’s a perfect place to share a meal.

Edgar (Ainslie)

Known to many as Ainslie’s hidden gem, Edgar’s offers an intimate alfresco dining experience. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset against the backdrop of Mount Ainslie – what a treat!

BentSpoke Brewing Co. (Braddon)

Located in the heart of Braddon, you can’t miss BentSpoke Brewing Co. and why would you want to? This is the perfect place for a beer connoisseur or your average punter looking to unwind after a stressful week.

Miss Vans (Civic)

Hold your horses, there’s a new Vietnamese restaurant in town! Miss Vans is a dynamic mix of new and old culture, transporting your taste buds around the world. Ideal for those who ate at the same two restaurants in the last month (admit it, we’ve all been there) and are in desperate need of something different.

Verity Lane Markets (Civic)

If your difficult friend is in town and you’re about to yell at the next person who’s slightly bothering you, stop and take a deep breath. Verity Lane Markets has something for everyone. From Italian, Bao Buns and Ramen, you can enjoy while discovering the city outside.

The Old Canberra Inn (Lyneham)

Ah, the old Canberra Inn, what a classic! This lovely pub has been around since 1976. With plenty of outdoor seating, it’s easy to grab a table and enjoy a beer garden full of history, charm and fun.

Church Neighborhood Goods (Civic)

No, we are not suggesting that you go and repent of your sins. What we recommend is to enjoy good food and coffee in this trendy little cafe. Dine out flipping through a Thrasher magazine, man.

Amici Wine Bar and Deli (Civic)

If you are vegetarian, stop reading now; Amici is probably not the place for you. However, if anything meat and wine tickles your fancy, you’ve got your next date sorted. Close your eyes and pretend you’re in Europe (or not, Canberra is nice too).

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