Ex-tropical Cyclone Seth dumps up to 650 millimeters over South East Queensland as QFES fields call 29 overnight

Areas in Wide Bay and Burnett, the Fraser Coast region and Gympie in Queensland have been inundated with rain and flooding after ex-cyclone Seth crossed over yesterday morning.

The weather has dumped up to 650 millimeters of rain in some areas in 24 hours, raising the river height to 16.75 meters.

The Mary River in Meridan reached that height from just 1 meter yesterday afternoon.

Several other places in the area received rain in the 200 to 300 millimeter range.

Parts of the Fraser Coast, Gympie and Wide Bay and Burnett regions have been hardest hit by the state of emergency in the towns of Tiaro and Miva.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services say 29 calls were made overnight for help in the region, including 16 rapid water rescues.

Police warned people in the area to avoid unnecessary travel as several roads have been closed due to flooding.


Meteorologist Helen Reid said the heavy rainfall was caused by ex-cyclone Seth and while the rain was expected to ease later in the day, it wouldn’t stop.

“It’s amazing what an ex-tropical cyclone can do once it makes landfall, we only saw a little bit of rain as it passed over land,” she said.

“But over the course of the night, the momentum of what was happening really intensified and we saw all that rainfall.

“We can point the finger at ex-tropical cyclone Seth and it will be a name many people don’t want to use for their children.

“[Rainfall] expected to decline in the course of the afternoon, but [we are] I didn’t expect to see a blue sky today,” she said.

She urged people in the area to stay aware of the Bureau of Meteorology’s warnings.

“We’ve seen some flash flooding, and there will be some river flooding as well, so keep an eye on the water levels everywhere, and the movement of that water will also be very fast,” she said.


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