Emma McVey said she couldn’t have any more children with Gaz Beadle until she had heart surgery

Emma McVey has shared how she secretly battled two health issues that left her exhausted and unable to have more children with husband Gaz Beadle until she controlled her weight to undergo heart surgery

Emma McVey Says She Can’t Have Any More Kids With Gaz Beadle Until She Gets Her Condition Under Control

Mum-of-two Emma McVey has been warned against having a third child with Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle until she has heart surgery after a dramatic weight loss.

The reality star, 29, has opened up about her health issues including – a heart defect since birth and inflammatory colitis which causes extreme fatigue – as she admits she is being bombarded with comments from fans asking how she is so thin who want to know her weight loss secrets.

But rather than something to aspire to too, Emma is quick to point out that her size 4-6 figure is actually the result of her illness and accuses social media of ‘body shaming’ her for being too thin .

Emma, ​​29, admits she has lost weight but says the social media comments are causing her even more distress as she is “shamefully thin” and accused of being anorexic as cruel followers push to “just eat a hamburger”.

Model Emma is married to Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle



Emma McVey admits her slender waist looks enviable to some, but she’s been battling two health issues that are wearing her down

She told Closer, “I feel like I’ve been reduced to a body and not a person.”

“I used to have buttocks and cheekbones. Now I’m size 4-6 bony and straight from top to bottom.”

The model was rushed to hospital after battling stomach cramps



Emma, ​​who lives near Leeds with Gaz and their children, Chester, four, and Primrose two, lost a few pounds after her first pregnancy while breastfeeding and cut out dairy to manage food intolerance .

But a blood test showed she had three holes in her heart from childhood and was fitted with a heart monitor.

Updating her followers at the time, Emma wrote: “Long story short, we finally found out I had three big holes in my heart and damaged tissue that was causing my blood to flow in the wrong direction…

“The right side of my heart is now enlarged and weak, as well as high blood pressure in my lungs.

She continued: ‘It all got a whole lot worse as they should have been closed when I was a kid unfortunately no one checked my heart even when I had seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy or passed out as if it was a hobby.

“I definitely shouldn’t have carried babies while they were there. They are baffled by how I managed to deliver with Primrose and if it wasn’t for a caesarean it could have been a very different story.

“Now I’m waiting for open-heart surgery because the holes just can’t be closed with the device shutting down.”

Emma McVey has suffered backlash on social media for her extreme weight loss

And weeks before her wedding to Gaz, her health deteriorated further when she was hit with abdominal cramps and tried to keep her condition a secret before finally admitting she needed treatment when she became too weak to stand.

He was diagnosed with colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, and advised to get things under control before undergoing heart surgery.

She added: “I know my heart will be sorted giving me more energy, and I hope to go into full remission with colitis and one day be more stable. At the moment though, it’s hard to see. a way out.”

She says her overwhelming exhaustion often forces her to take time off because she’s too tired to go out at night with Gary.

But for the couple’s upcoming anniversary, she’s determined to celebrate “just like the good old days!”

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