Eid Mubarak – live updates, prayers and celebrations for Eid ul Fitr 2022 in Birmingham

Traffic increases at Small Heath

Traffic becomes very heavy at Small Heath as people head towards the park.

In Islam, every step taken towards religious duties is itself treated as an act of worship, so anyone living in Small Heath is encouraged to walk to the celebration. If you live further away, you can get to the park by car or public transport. A spokesperson said: ‘We encourage people to park a bit further and walk or take the train.

By car:

The GLMCC says parking will be available at St Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham City Football Club, from where there will be regular shuttles to the park. Note that the area around the park becomes very busy at this time as people drive to the event or try to find parking spaces – but there is limited residential parking on the streets near the site so residents can park in front of their own house. It is advised not to park on local side streets where it may cause problems for residents and block emergency access.

Don’t forget to leave on time. In previous years, prayers had to be delayed because people could not park.

By bus:

Take services no. 8, 58, 59, 60, 17 or 28, all of which serve the park.

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Heavy traffic around Small Heath as people head for Eid celebrations

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