Edinburgh-based franchising company helps fast-growing women’s fitness brand go from strength to strength in the UK

Platinum Wave Franchising, which was founded in 2008, says it works with disruptive and game-changing brands as well as household names looking to branch out into international growth regions.

He has now signed 30 Minute Hit, a boxing/kickboxing circuit-based fitness program that is described as empowering women and is available worldwide with classes available in Canada, the United States and Saudi Arabia. .

The program, which was created in 2004, uses two-minute rounds also based on general self-defense and core stability training, and is now officially launched across the UK with help from Platinum Wave.

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Steve Lampshire, the Scottish firm’s franchise recruitment director, applauded the “exciting” recruitment partnership with 30 Minute Hit upon his arrival in the UK. He added, “It’s an exciting and groundbreaking brand to work with, not only because of its broad appeal as an inspirational fitness program, but also its rapid global growth as a women’s fitness franchise at the fastest growing.

Robert Button, Director of International Franchise Development at 30 Minute Hit, said: “It’s a big step for the brand to launch in the UK, but we’re delighted to be doing it as 30 Minute Hit continues to grow worldwide.

“We look forward to bringing this experience to the UK and our recruitment collaboration with Platinum Wave will allow us to reach as many people as possible across the country.

30 Minute Hit is a circuit-based fitness program that says it empowers women, using boxing, kickboxing and general self-defense, for example. Photo: contribution.

“It also provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in a low-cost, rewarding franchise brand to get involved in the UK launch of the fastest growing women’s fitness franchise in the world.”

Platinum Wave points to franchise growth in the UK and cites figures showing that this market is currently worth £18 billion and is expected to grow to £20 billion by 2024.


Mr Lampshire praised the fitness brand for its work empowering women and said he hoped to see 30 Minute Hit “continue to inspire positive and progressive franchise trends”.

He added: “We are currently seeing a number of fantastic trends in franchising, including more women involved in the industry than ever before, with recent figures from NatWest showing that women make up 37% of UK franchisees. 30 Minute Hit provides another great platform to continue this trend.

The collaboration with 30 Minute Hit follows Platinum Wave which won two awards at the NatWest Encouraging Women into Franchising Awards. It was named service provider of the year, while the Edinburgh company’s founder and chief executive, Suzie McCafferty, received the Ambassador of the Year award.

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