Durham school board ‘accidentally’ released names of unvaccinated staff

The Durham District School Board has apologized after accidentally sharing the names of staff who have not been vaccinated or refused to disclose their status to nearly 400 people.

The privacy violation occurred when the board sent a “routine email” on Jan. 5 about compliance with rapid tests.

The board says a spreadsheet listing the approximately 800 employees who have not been vaccinated or would rather not disclose was “accidentally” attached to the email.

The board said that as soon as it realized the error, it took immediate action to recall the email.

However, it said the “incident should not have happened” and promised “to do everything possible to ensure that a similar incident does not happen in the future.

“We have discussed this incident to ensure there is a clear understanding of the critical importance of verifying that emails do not contain attachments of this nature and of the need to protect this type of information,” a statement said. management. “We provide additional training for all employees involved with secure documents. In addition, the DDSB is reviewing its practices regarding the handling of sensitive information, including considering additional security measures for spreadsheets and/or documents of this nature.”

All Durham District School Board employees are required to disclose their vaccination status.

Unvaccinated workers can continue to work if they participate in a rapid test program.


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