Duo promoting well-being and nutrition for Mother’s Day

Two Barbadian entrepreneurs, Angelina Sinckler of Angelina Affiliate and Bryan Cummings, owner of In Phi HD, are teaming up to ensure that this mother
Barbadian mothers can have a crate of fresh produce on their doorstep as part of their latest Mother’s Day promotion.

Sinckler said the beauty of Mother’s Day is that the act of giving isn’t limited to your own mother, but to any other woman you know and love like a sister, aunt, niece or great-grandmother. -mother.

The collaboration aims to showcase the local business owners involved while subtly promoting health, wellness and good nutrition.

Cummings said he decided to partner with Angelina Affiliate on Mother’s Day because he aims to bring entrepreneurs into his permaculture projects.

“I thought Mother’s Day would be a great place to start our collaboration as partnerships are at the forefront of this vision as we aim to functionally integrate agripreneurs, freelancers and independent contractors into projects of permaculture, thereby actively strengthening our local farming community,” said Cummings.

To this end, the business owners jointly decided to hold a promotion where the winner receives locally grown Barbadian produce. Cummings said he decided to have the promotion with Angelina Affiliate to ensure mothers had access to fresh food, as it was something his company was proud of.

“My passion was born out of my own desire to have access to fresh, healthy, nutrient-dense food that I could afford on a budget. The journey towards that goal led me to permaculture and creating from my own vegetable garden.

“There are two things necessary for healthy personal development which are information and access – it is one thing to have information, but it is another to have access and the means to use information.

“Locally grown or farm-to-table fresh foods must be accessible and affordable and once they are, they achieve the goal of promoting healthier eating habits. Healthy habits start with the smallest change in lifestyle, reconnecting with our food, earth and soil. Food connects us and having access to healthy foods will support healthier relationships,” he said.

Sinckler echoed Cummings’ sentiments as she believes people should be able to access fresh and nutritious food, to that end they are running their promotion from April 28 to May 4, 2022 where she will be giving away two boxes of free fruits and vegetables to two lucky ones. winners. However, the message about good nutrition that they want to convey and educate Barbadians about the link between their diet and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is of great importance.

“I believe people should nourish their bodies. Fresh is always better. Today, we have been in the habit of packing frozen or canned food for months.

“To that end, I partnered with In Phi HD to offer this social media promotion where two lucky people would receive $50 worth of product in their checkout. The crates will contain a variety of local fruits and vegetables,” she said.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8.

To participate in the promotion on social media, interested people must like the giveaway post on In Phi HD, tag two people in the comments, share the post in their story and follow @lewin2017, @thehomebody246 @inphihd @angelina.affilate and @zencreationsbb on instagram. The lucky winners will receive their crate on May 6 and 7 via delivery or collection.

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