Drake won $25 million with the help of French Montana, but guess what happened next?

The wins keep rolling in for Drake, not only musically, but also in terms of his gaming hobby. The OVO boss recently scored more than $25 million playing roulette, with fellow rapper and friend French Montana serving as his lucky charm.

Drake, who hosted his second Twitch livestream on Monday night (July 11) as part of his partnership with online casino Stake, started the evening with $8.5 million in his Stake account. However, after winning $12.96 million and $11.95 million on separate bets on the same number, Drake’s account soared to almost $27.5. He tripled his initial investment and got a big come-up in every way.

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“You know what that deserves? Ah haaa!” Drake shouted in reference to Montana’s adlib signing. “And I had my special guest in the building, sit down. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with my brother, my twin, my Montega lookalike. Yet as the evening continued, Drake’s dominating run at the virtual roulette table gradually came to a halt, with the superstar ending the event with just $1,879 in his account to show off his efforts.

These returns were a stark contrast to when Lil Baby joined the 6 God on a Stake livestream event earlier this year, when Drake raked in $17.9 million on a single roulette bet in may.

Watch the Drake’s Stake live event below.

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