Does Adam Frisella’s 75 Hard Program for Mental Toughness Work?

The 75 Hard program was designed to challenge your mental strength and discipline. As the name implies, it was designed to be hard. That’s according to its founder, Adam Frisella, an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, speaker, and owner of the supplement company 1st Phorm International.

Frisella launched 75 Hard in 2019; it was free then and still is. If you sign up via his website, you’ll receive an email explaining more about the program and the daily tasks required of you.

The hashtag #75hard has been showing up on Instagram since 2019, and now has nearly 900,000 posts; #75hardchallenge has more than 300,000 posts. More recently, on TikTok, #75hard has amassed more than 990 million views, and #75hardchallenge has amassed 676 million views.

TikToker Gabby Vincent (1.2 million followers) posted a final results video (with 2.8 million likes) last month of her and her husband Dallas Vincent’s (35.2K followers) success in collectively losing 45 pounds during the program. Regan Vasquez (19.3K followers on TikTok) posted a video on March 25, garnering 1.3 million likes, after finishing 75 Hard.

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