Dietitian Reveals Easy Tricks To Lose Weight Even Without Exercising

As the summer heat rises, after the long winter period, we can finally get out of our duvets and jackets and bask in the sun. Winters tend to dip our metabolism as a mechanism to keep us warm and protect us from the elements. Now we can finally shed those extra summer pounds that we are trying so hard to get rid of.

While exercise can help you a lot on your weight loss journey, if you’re reluctant to exercise or can’t because of a busy schedule, here are ways to focus on fat loss using diet control. Here are some tips for easy weight loss this summer by registered dietitian Natasha Mohan.

  1. Water to the rescue

It is essential to stay hydrated in the summer because we sweat a lot and end up losing a lot of water. Since it is necessary to perform important bodily functions, you must remember to keep drinking water from time to time. This hack helps you feel full, which in turn helps you binge less. If drinking plain water becomes too boring for you, you can also have hydrating summer drinks like aam panna, coconut water, jaljeera and lemonade to quench your thirst with flavor.

  1. Say hello to seasonal fruits and vegetables

Rich in antioxidants and fiber to aid weight loss, you need to make room for vegetables and fruits like muskmelon, cantaloupe, watermelon, and plenty of squash greens. Your favorite low calorie snack during summers can also be fresh cut cucumbers.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

  1. Go natural!

Consuming liquid calories can increase your calorie intake and cause you to gain weight. To stop this, you need to eliminate alcohol, sodas, sweetened tea or coffee from your diet. You can opt for more natural options like fresh fruit juices without increasing your caloric intake.

  1. Include probiotics in your diet

Don’t forget to supplement your diet with natural probiotics like sour milk and kimchi. These foods are good for the intestine, light and easy to digest. The curd helps keep your body cool and is a good source of vitamin D, protein and calcium.

Include probiotics

  1. Have a light dinner

You can keep your dinner light by incorporating foods like soups, stews, salads, and grilled meats, as our metabolism decreases as the day progresses, making it difficult to digest heavy foods late in the evening. Poor digestion hampers our metabolism and affects it. Therefore, healthy digestion is a key factor to keep in mind when losing weight.

  1. Say NO to fried foods

Opting for steamed, grilled and roasted foods and avoiding fried and fatty foods helps a lot in losing weight. Since fried and fatty foods are difficult to digest, they also contain excess calories and are stored as fat, causing you to gain weight.

The best way to go about getting healthy, especially for those who are a bit lazy and lack motivation, is to make small changes that you stick with in the long run.

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