‘Degradation’ of victims of pedophile Bronte Ciracovitch should mean no leniency, court told

A ‘monster’ child care worker who committed ‘serious and degrading’ sexual abuse of young children in his care should face no leniency in sentencing, prosecutors told a Adelaide Court.

Bronte John Ciracovitch, 31, pleaded guilty to several child abuse charges last year, including maintaining a sexual relationship with a child and producing child pornography.

Ciracovitch was working as an educator at a day care center in North Adelaide when he was arrested in 2020.

In sentencing submissions in district court on Tuesday, Ciracovitch’s defense attorney, Phil Crowe, acknowledged that his client had previously tried to downplay his responsibility for the crimes.

But Mr Crowe said his client had since developed an ‘understanding’ of his breach and had taken ‘full responsibility’.

Mr Crowe said the ‘breach of trust’ was ‘significant across the board’ but his client’s breach took place over a relatively short period of time in 2020.

“Overall, it looks like he committed an offence…mostly over a two-month period, when he was 30 years old.”

The court heard that Ciracovitch had himself been sexually abused as a child.

But prosecutor Renee Loveday said Ciracovitch’s “serious abuse and degradation” of his victims meant the court needed to show no leniency in his sentence.

“The victims [were] in the custody of Mr Ciracovitch and in a vulnerable position,” she told the court.

Prosecutors asked the court to impose cumulative sentences for Ciracovitch’s crimes.

At a previous court hearing, the mother of one of Ciracovitch’s victims called him a “monster”.

“I felt physically ill and guilty that my son had already alerted me to a foul play and I hadn’t picked up the signals and protected him from the monster I unknowingly subjected him to on a daily basis,” she told the court.

Ciracovitch will be sentenced next month.

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