DC mayoral candidate makes campaign pledge to cut tickets

A new campaign video posted to Twitter by Trayon White calls the city’s ticketing practices “predatory.”

WASHINGTON — An issue every DMV driver can relate to is now the culmination of a DC mayoral campaign. Mayoral candidate and current Ward 8 council member Trayon White posted a campaign video on social networks where he made a promise to the people: pardon ticket.

In a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, White stands outside the wharf fish market, presents himself as the people’s choice for mayor and explains how he will put people above politics, if elected .

“What I hear over and over again is that the ticketing in DC has become predatory,” White said. kids to school, shop and live in our city without the stress of those tickets, so we’re cutting tickets in half.

WUSA9 spoke with DC voters who said they would like to see lower fines. According to the DC Regulations website, tickets with late fees can cost you up to $200. WUSA9 queried municipal ticketing agencies about revenue received, but did not obtain the data in a timely manner.

Jared Kassoff, a property manager in DC, said he had just received a $150 bill outside a property.

“That’s because I don’t have a license plate on the front of my car, which I was told many times by Maryland that was OK,” Kassoff said. “During COVID [District leaders] put a moratorium on tickets for a long time and it just helped everyone. Now it looks like they are catching up. »

But ticket forgiveness is not a priority for all voters, including Ian Brown who lives in Ward 8 with his wife and baby.

“It’s not my biggest concern – it’s the crime,” Brown said. “These are the kids who have nothing to do after school and are literally running around with guns.”

WUSA9 reached out to all of the mayoral candidates for comment, but only one candidate responded.

James Butler responded in an email, writing that while he acknowledges ticket costs could come down, “…removing or reducing red lights and speeding tickets is unwise.” We need to get reciprocity to punish drivers in Maryland or Virginia who drive recklessly on our streets because it costs lives.

While White’s campaign hasn’t clarified which tickets he’s proposing to cut, he points to the district’s surplus and said the city simply doesn’t need the extra revenue.

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