DC firefighter charged with armed robbery in Virginia – NBC4 Washington

A DC firefighter previously charged in Montgomery County, Maryland is now charged in Fairfax County, Virginia with armed robbery.

Christopher Potts was arrested on Tuesday and is being held without bond.

Christopher Potts is assigned to Engine 18 on Capitol Hill. He was on full duty Friday despite charges in Montgomery County for allegedly leading police during a high-speed chase in Silver Spring earlier this year.

At around 10 p.m. on March 16, police arrested Potts for an expired registration at the intersection of Spring Street and Georgia Avenue, police said.

Police said Potts appeared extremely nervous and very argumentative about his keys and check-in. Police say he argued he should take a break because he is a DC firefighter.

When a tow truck showed up and police told Potts they were going to seize the car, he took off, ran red lights and led police on a chase that reached speeds of up to 100 mph , police said.

A court document said the pursuit was so dangerous that officers broke it off. They already knew who he was because he had given his ID card and firefighters license to the arresting officer.

On Friday, Potts was arrested by Fairfax County police.

Police said Potts was in an ongoing dispute with someone he met on Cavalier Landing Court on the afternoon of May 18. Police say Potts pulled out a gun and stole property from the victim. It is not known what this property was.

Potts’ next hearing is scheduled for September 7.

In a statement, DC Fire and EMS said, in part, “The department is aware of the arrest of Christopher Potts on July 8, 2022, an EMT firefighter employed by the department. He is currently on administrative leave. He had previously was arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland, for a misdemeanor offense which was not tried at the time of his second arrest.

“The DC Fire and Emergency Department does not condone or condone illegal behavior.”

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