DC Campaigns Against Anti-Asian Violence and Harassment – NBC4 Washington

The next time you’re traveling through Chinatown in Washington, DC or renting a bike through Capital Bikeshare, you’ll likely see signs that say “The Hate Stops With Us.”

The post is part of a new campaign in DC to try to end violence and harassment against the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

“We have experienced an unprecedented amount of harassment and violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in DC during the pandemic,” said Ben de Guzman, director of the DC Mayor’s Office for Asian and Islander Affairs. of the Pacific.

In 2020, a man entered the Valley Brook tea shop in Dupont Circle screaming about COVID-19 before spraying owner Yunhan Zhang.

DC police said they found out who the man was, but prosecutors declined to press charges. The suspect was never arrested.

“I kind of had a feeling that probably nothing would happen, because it’s hard to find a person in a city that size,” Zhang told News4.

Then, last May, a man walked into the Meeps clothing store in Adams Morgan.

“You are a naughty Asian terrorist,” the man can be heard telling store owner Cathy Chung in surveillance footage.

Chung said the man refused to wear a mask and spat on her as he left.

This man has also never been arrested.

“It’s frustrating. It makes you feel like you’re responsible for your own safety,” Chung said.

On Tuesday, the DC Mayor’s Office of Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, or MOAPIA, said it would support all victims of anti-Asian attacks.

“We think our community service is an extra layer of engagement with the community to provide that extra support after the MPD,” de Guzman said.

The MOAPIA group also says it works with DC public schools to train teachers on all things anti-Asian hatred and to provide resources to teach students about tolerance in the classroom.

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