Days of Our Lives recap: After Abigail exposes Gwen, she taunts Abby by confessing that she killed Laura

As Jake aimlessly flips the TV channels at home, Ben stops. They break open beers and Ben notices the air mattress. Jake tells her that he has a new roommate and they are indulging in some of Ava’s culinary delights. Jake adds that she also gives a mean massage. It could all be over though, considering she was just arrested.

An angry Trask enters the interrogation room. Even though she hates it, Ava’s deal has been made official. She has total immunity. Ava knows Trask is getting her favorite, headline-grabbing thing in return: The People vs. Gwen Rizczech.

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Gabi and Rafe have a drink at the Bistro. She thinks he should celebrate that Ava was arrested. He resists the jubilation, but eventually toasts Ava who goes to Statesville for a very long time. Ava walks by and says, “Or not.” She happily tells them that she got immunity. “Please tell Nicole I say, hi,” she told Rafe before offering to greet Jake Gabi. She wanders.

Back at the apartment, Jake tells Ben about everything that happened with Ava and Gabi. Ben asks if Jake is interested in Ava. Jake says it doesn’t matter since she’s in jail. Ava enters. Ben leaves as Ava enjoys a glass of wine and tells Jake Gabi that he should learn not to play out of his league.

After Ava goes to bed, she declares that she will take the air mattress. Jake has a better option. “Why not share the bed?” They laugh that they’ve never platonically shared a bed with anyone before, but agree there’s a first time for everything. They clumsily get under the covers and face each other.

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Jake and Ava smile at each other as they sit in bed together.  days of our lives

Gabi walks into the police station to confront Trask. Rafe follows and learns from the prosecutor that Ava is the key to a higher profile case. He shouldn’t take it personally. In fact, he needs to stop Gwen right now. And he must make it as public as possible. Rafe leaves, but Gabi isn’t done with Trask yet. She warns that she is going to see Abe about it.

In the square, Abigail announces that she finally has the merchandise on Gwen. She overplayed her hand and the party is over. Xander asks if anything she has to say can be said in private. Considering everything Gwen has done publicly to her family, Abigail wouldn’t dream of it. Jennifer holds Jack back as he tries to intervene and Chad watches proudly.

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Outside the Salem Inn, Abigail raises her hands, squats, and smiles broadly.  days of our lives

Abigail states that it wasn’t the pilot who knocked her out on the airstrip and asks Gwen if she wants to tell them. Or should she? Xander accuses him of enjoying it. Abigail says, “You bet your ass I am.” She goes on to explain that Ava reported Gwen for hitting her on the head. Gwen fiddles with the collar of her dress as she tries to cast doubt on Ava’s claims. Abigail continues that what Gwen did to her is nothing compared to what she did to Sarah. Ava begs Xander not to listen, as Abigail details how Gwen knew Kristen was keeping Sarah locked up.

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Dressed in a tuxedo, Alex glares at Gwen, who is wearing a wedding dress in Horton Square.  Days of our lives.

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To prove her claims, Abigail produces a copy of Ava’s statement, stating that Gwen found out Sarah was on the island in November. Xander begs Gwen to say it’s not true. “I can’t do this,” she chokes in tears. Abigail adds fuel to the fire by telling Xander Gwen that she posed as Sarah when everyone thought she came back and treated him so cruelly. Alex’s face hardens as he turns to Gwen. “How could you do that?”

Sobbing, Gwen explains that she was afraid of losing him, especially after losing Jack. Besides, she thought Sarah was well taken care of. When Abigail points out that Kristen drugged Sarah, Gwen says she thought it would make things better for her. Xander bursts out, knocking Gwen back. Xander asks Abigail to complete the story. She explains that the injection Anna gave Sarah was not the antidote because Gwen replaced it with another dose of medicine.

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Outside the Salem Inn, a solemn Chad puts his arm across Jack's chest, as Jack watches someone offscreen.  Abby, Jennifer and Xander watch.  days of our lives

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Chad stops Jack, who rushes over to Gwen demanding to know if it’s true. Gwen says, “Dad. You were gone.” He orders her to never call him that again. There are no words except “I’m done with you.” Gwen sobs as he walks away. She looks at Alex and asks, “Are you done with me too?” He says she might as well have put a bullet in Sarah’s brain. “You’re the worst person I’ve ever known,” he spits. Anguished, Xander flees, leaving Gwen to go after Abigail. Jennifer steps in to give Gwen a piece of her mind, as Rafe shows up to handcuff the bride.

Abigail confronts Jack, who assures her that they are fine. She did what she had to do. Abigail didn’t want to be right, but Gwen had to be stopped. As Rafe takes her away, Gwen whispers to Abigail, “Just so you know. Your precious grandmother, I killed that old bitch on purpose. Jennifer asks a stunned Abigail what she just told him.

Flanked by Jack and Abigail outside the Salem Inn, Gwen cries in front of Alex.  days of our lives

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