Danny Bonaduce’s Sister Reveals Actor Has ‘Mysterious Illness’

She concluded her post by writing, “We will keep you updated. Please remember that while he is a public figure, he is also my beloved brother. Type your comments accordingly.”

Following Danny’s tweet, longtime fans, listeners and other celebrities all took to his reply section to share their best wishes for the Baker’s Hawk star.

Including Marc Hamilwho wrote“I wish my Corvette summer co-star a full and speedy recovery.”

Danny then responded“I appreciate it. Thanks, man.”

On April 29, Danny tweeted a photo of himself smiling while holding a cane as he announced he would be taking a break from hosting Danny Bonaduce and Sarah’s Morning Show.

“I’ll share more when I know more. I’m still working to get a diagnosis,” he explained at the time. “What I do know is that I need time to focus on my health. I love my job and talking to you guys and I’ll be back on the air soon.”

In a follow-up tweetDanny seemed to be in good spirits as he joked, “Charlie Chaplin, Willy Wonka, Danny Bonaduce. I joined the cool guys club with canes.”

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