“Daily Show” mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Hilarious” on January 6 CPAC Performance Art

Monday evening Daily showTrevor Noah used a good portion of his opening monologue to focus on last weekend’s “special tribute” to the Jan. 6 rioters jailed at CPAC in Texas which he jokingly described as “very moving and not hilarious at all.”

The host was talking about a bizarre piece of performance art in which an actor dressed in an orange jumpsuit sat in a fake prison cell and openly wept to bring the plight of the insurgents to life for conservative conference attendees. Among them was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who entered the cage to pray with him.

“OK, wait, wait, wait,” Noah said. “Help me understand the logic here. Marjorie Taylor Greene is praying for a fake prisoner? Who is this lady ? Stressing that “she is a person who is really part of running your country,” he added, “she must have the hardest time at Broadway shows. “They killed Hamilton!” »

In Greene’s “defense”, the host said the actor must have really “committed” to the role, shedding real tears for hours on end. “Which, in a way, is powerful performance art,” he said. “Because isn’t that what conservatism has become in America? Are they just people wearing MAGA hats acting like they’re victims? Noah pretended to cry saying, “There are fewer white people now than before…but we still have all the power…”

And as if this story couldn’t get any crazier, Noah went on to reveal that the actor playing the prisoner was a real-life January 6 rioter who pleaded guilty and avoided incarceration by “going after others. rioters”.

“So, yeah, just so you understand, this guy is impersonating a prisoner he helped send to jail!” he added. “It’s wild!”

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