Cristal Simmons puts all her heart into her art and events professions

As far back as she can remember, Cristal Clair Simmons has always had a love for art. After years of exploring art as a hobby, with much encouragement, she started two businesses, both showcasing her remarkable talent.

Now 23 and the youngest of six children, Cristal grew up in Bartica where she lived until 2017 when she moved to Georgetown to continue her education.

The artist shared that while all of her siblings have dabbled in art, she is the only one who has made a career out of it. Although their creativity may have rubbed off on the young artist, she attributes most of her inspiration to her beloved uncle. Her favorite uncle, as she calls him, is deaf and dumb, but that never stopped him from pursuing a career in art. She has boasted of having many clients, including businesses, who hire her to work for them.

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