Coconut Water: Drinking It Might Aid Weight Loss

It’s the New Year and many of us, no doubt, have, despite our best efforts, put on a few extra pounds over the course of the holiday season. But even if you manage to keep those festive kilos away, you may still be looking to get healthier and lose some weight over the new year. It appears that coconut water may be the answer to your health and weight loss goals. Here’s why you might want to start drinking it in 2022.

What is coconut water?

coconut waterCoconut is a fruit that grows in tropical climates. It is found in the center of the small coconut fruits that are still green. It is there to nourish the fruit in the long term and help it ripen.

It takes a surprisingly long time (10 to 12 months) for coconuts to mature into the well-known hairy brown shell they contain. The hard white meat known as coconut meat. Once the coconut matures, there is less water left.

This is why the water comes from coconuts that are about 6-7 months old and not yet ripe. On average, one green fruit provides between ½ cup and 1 cup of coconut water.

It is important to note that water should not be confused with coconut milk, which is high in calories and fat. In contrast, coconut water contains 94% water and is extremely low in fat.

Might help you shed those festive pounds

it is known that Increase your metabolic rate, which helps your body burn more calories more efficiently. A better metabolism is often associated with weight loss, because it means the body is capable of it use All the calories you give in.

Coconut water is also great for hydration and of course good hydration causes the body to store less fat. When you are dehydrated, you tend to feel tired, and this usually causes the brain to signal hunger rather than thirst as it is trying to increase energy levels. milk |  Longevity LIVE

Of course, another major reason for its benefit for weight loss is that it simply contains fewer calories. calories on it Do They don’t just contain empty calories like you might find in soda and sugary drinks.

It makes sense that replacing high-calorie, unhealthy drinks with a healthier, more natural option will help you shed those pounds. Choosing a glass of coconut water will enhance your body functions, and it is nutritious and beneficial for you.

Drinking coconut water will help you recover after exercise

If one of the files Objectives In the new year is more exercise, you may want to choose some coconut water. It is naturally full of electrolytes. Electrolytes are, according to Healthline, minerals that play a vital role in maintaining fluid balance in the body. Vital electrolytes include potassium, magnesium, Sodium and Calcium.

coconut water

Photo by Anna Tarasevic from Pexels

We tend to lose electrolytes during exercise, and the depletion of those electrolytes is what makes us feel dehydrated after intense exercise. Not only is it good for you, but it tastes good too. It has a sweet and nutty flavour

Since it contains electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, studies have found that it is better for you to drink coconut water after a workout than to stick to plain water. Professional tennis player John Isner, for example, swears by it and is credited with it.”Kept him afloat on his epic Wimbledon win for 11 hours“.

“It’s very hydrating and it got me through long matches and kept me from cramping even in the hottest and humid conditions,” says Isner. A small Brazilian study found that “Improved ability to exercise better with water or a sports drink during a very hot day“.

It’s good for your heart too

Drinking coconut water also appears to be linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. A 2008 study in rats found that the group that ate coconut water in high doses along with a diet high in fat and cholesterol, experienced a reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The results showed an efficacy that matches the effects of A . statin drug, It is most popular for lowering cholesterol.

Photo by Arne Watkins from Pexels

However, it should be noted that the dose given to the mice was incredibly high and, according to Healthline, in human terms “It would be the equivalent of 150 pounds (68 kg) for a person consuming 91 ounces (2.7 liters) of coconut water per day.”.

A 2005 study also found that coconut water was beneficial in lowering blood pressure, however, the study was limited, and more research is needed to prove whether or not it is effective.


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