City of North Vancouver plans 3 km walking and cycling trail

The City of North Vancouver is currently seeking public input on the preferred route for a new east-west greenway in Upper Lonsdale.

The three-mile-long walking and biking trail would run the full length of the city’s jurisdiction just north of the Upper Levels Freeway (Highway 1) – from Lynn Valley Road to the city’s eastern border with the District of North Vancouver to the Westview Mall near the city’s western border with the District of North Vancouver.

Three route options for the Upper Level Greenway have been identified.

Starting at the east end of the planned greenway corridor, the Orange Route runs primarily along neighborhood roads—on Tempe Knoll Drive, then primarily on 27th Street.

The blue route also runs along part of Tempe Knoll Drive, but it switches to a segment of 26th Street before returning to 27th Street. It then detours south along Jones Avenue and briefly returns to 26th Street before ending at the mall.

Three route options for Upper Levels Greenway. Click on the image for a larger version. (City of North Vancouver)

The purple route is the most direct route, following existing trails in Tempe Heights Park before transitioning seamlessly to 25th Street for the remaining distance to the mall.

Although the purple route is the most direct, it runs immediately parallel to the highway, meaning pedestrians and cyclists would have to tolerate higher levels of noise and air pollution than the other options.

The orange and purple routes are closer and more accessible to the two schools in the area, compared to the purple route.

27 east street north vancouver st georges avenue

27 Street East near St. Georges Avenue in North Vancouver City. (Google Maps)

25 east street north vancouver

25 Street East near Tempe Heights Park in the City of North Vancouver, with the Highway 1 noise barriers on the left. (Google Maps)

However, according to the city’s analysis, the Orange Road has major topographical issues that would cause downhill speed issues for cyclists, as well as vehicular traffic issues on 27th Street. The blue and purple routes also face topographical challenges, but to a lesser extent. Shared multi-use paths for pedestrians and cyclists would be a challenge in some areas of the orange and blue routes.

Each route, due to context and condition, would have varying degrees of separation from other users, amounts of right-of-way to achieve vehicle design and parking impacts, and accessibility for people of all ages and abilities .

For these reasons, each route option having advantages and disadvantages, the municipal administration does not currently have any strongly preferred option over the others.

The project is expected to incur a construction cost of $6.7 million, covered by the city’s capital plan budget in 2023 and 2024.

An online survey for current public consultation is available through May 20, 2022. Public input will be used to identify the preferred final alignment and conceptual design for the upper levels greenway in summer 2022, detailed design being presented in the fall of 2022. There will be further rounds of public consultation as part of the upcoming design process.

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