Chiropractor Shares 10-Minute Exercise That Can Restore a Hunchback

A US-based chiropractor has shared some exercises and best practices for people who work from home.

As the pandemic forced more people to work remotely, some may have noticed that their attitudes have suffered.

In the early months of the pandemic, research by Bupa found that 63 percent of British adults had injured their backs, necks, hips, knees or wrists while working from home in a “makeshift office”.

At least a quarter of the 2,000 people surveyed said they sat ‘over their computer or laptop’, while less than a third (32 percent) said they had a dedicated workspace in their home.

Daniel Nye, a Colorado chiropractor, regularly posts videos on TikTok and shares his expertise with his 163,000 followers.

A video, which has been viewed nearly 39 million times, explains a simple exercise to relieve a “hunchback.”

It involves lying on your back in front of a chair, with your head resting on a rolled towel, and lifting your legs and feet onto the chair at 90 degrees.

Your arms should also be flat on each side, palms facing the ceiling.

Nye recommends doing this for ten minutes every day.

The video has received thousands of comments, some from people who have tried the exercise.

“I just have” [tried] it for the first time, i feel it is affective. I feel something in [the] the back of my neck and my back, the muscles are moving,” said one person.

Another said they had received the same advice from their own chiropractor.

“My chiropractor told me this last week! LIFE CHANGING!” they said.

A third person wrote: “Thank you. I did this right away. It felt so good, I laughed and cried with joy.”

One TikTok user said they experience pins and needles in their legs when doing the exercise.

In response, Nye advised trying it for a shorter period of time or putting a pillow under the knees rather than resting the feet on a chair.

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