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China bans flights to Vancouver

Nono Shen, Richmond News – | Story: 356737

More Air Canada flights from Vancouver to China have been temporarily suspended by China due to a growing number of inbound travelers with COVID-19, according to the latest announcement from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

On December 25, at least 17 air travelers tested positive for COVID-19 on Air Canada flight AC025 from Vancouver to Shanghai, China. Four more Air Canada AC025 flights will be canceled from January 17, the CAAC website said.

Richmond travel agents said the airline’s temporary suspension is related to CAAC’s “circuit breaker” policy, which suspends airlines if they bring in too many COVID-19-infected travelers.

“The policy may seem unusual to most Canadians, but many frequent travelers to China have become accustomed to it since Chinese authorities implemented it earlier last year,” said David Lin, who has led GS Travel in Richmond for more than 10 years. .

CAAC’s website explains that airlines will suspend operations for a week if the number of passengers who test positive for COVID-19 upon arrival reaches five. If that number exceeds 10, the airline will be suspended for four weeks.

However, airlines may increase the number of international flights to two per week if none of their passengers test positive for the virus for three consecutive weeks, Lin added.

Lin said that while his customers won’t be much bothered by it, as most of them decided to cancel their trips to Asia due to an increase in COVID cases due to the Omicron variant, it will be difficult for those who are still hoping. to see their family for Lunar New Year.

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