Cheryl Ladd is preparing a revealing book on life in Hollywood | Entertainment

Cheryl Ladd hopes to land a deal to write a revealing book about her life in Hollywood.

The 70-year-old actress once wrote a book about golf, which she called ‘Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golfing with the Boys’, and now she’s keen to put pen to paper to tell the story of his life, including all of his “ups and downs” in the entertainment industry.

The actress – who played Kris Munroe in the TV series ‘Charlie’s Angels’ – told US magazine Closer: “I’m thinking of doing a kind of autobiography about the great turning points in my life and what I learned.”

Cheryl promised to be open and honest with fans as she writes the book.

She said: “Everyone has their ups and downs, and I think other people need to hear that. I think we should be realistic when we talk about our heartaches and growing pains.”

Cheryl’s proposed book will likely cover her rise to fame and arrival in the cast of “Charlie’s Angels,” when she replaced original star Farrah Fawcett.

The actress is also said to be likely to explore the challenge of balancing her career with the responsibilities of motherhood, as she admits she wished she had spent more time with her daughter Jordan when she was young.

Cheryl – who has also starred in numerous films including ‘Purple Hearts’, ‘Millennium’ and ‘Poison Ivy’ – explained: “Four years of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ with 28 episodes per season. Then during my break I -calling my time off, I was doing movies of the week and variety shows.I had a two-year-old daughter and was like a clock ticking.I missed so many times with my daughter.

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