Celebrate World Book Day 2022 this Saturday

NEW YORK, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The World Literacy Foundation today announced a special celebration for world book day on Saturday April 23bringing together thousands of book lovers to share their love of reading

A series of virtual online and social media activities around the world will bring together cultures, languages ​​and book lovers from 91 different countries as they celebrate their passion for books.

World Literacy Foundation, CEO Andrew Kay said, “The love and habit of reading is the key ingredient for a child to reach their full potential. Although in low-income homes, 61% of children do not own a single book,” we we need to do more to close this literacy gap. . The pandemic of the past 2 years has widened the literacy gap with children from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Mr. Kay invited people to celebrate their love of reading by donating a book to a child this Saturday.

World Book Day is a day dedicated to authors, illustrators and readers around the world.

“Books are with us at World Literacy Foundationin 2004, our charity began donating books, offering free tutoring lessons and cultivating a love of reading with children who struggled with reading.

These values ​​and goals remain at the heart of what we do,” says Mr. Kay. “The power of reading and the power that books can transform lives and shape communities is stronger than ever.

“World Book Day” is a fantastic time to promote the importance of literacy and create greater education and awareness in the local community.

People can make a charitable donation to enable us to buy a new book for a disadvantaged child. Mr. Kay said to make the donation as a tribute or to honor the person who introduced you to reading.

Details www.worldliteracyfoundation.org

About the World Literacy Foundation

We are a global literacy charity working to eradicate illiteracy by 2040. We are guided by four principles: an obsession to see children discover the joy of reading, a passion to reach disadvantaged, a commitment to excellence, best practices and positive results, and a long-term strategy for eradicating illiteracy.

In 2022, 770 million people in the world cannot read a single word. Another 2 billion people struggle to read a sentence. Illiteracy is linked to poverty, unemployment, health and social problems.


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