Celeb fitness: Vivek Dahiya impresses with animal flow; know the benefits

Vivek Dahiya‘s Instagram page is proof of his dedication to fitness. As such, the actor recently shared a video in which he showed off his muscular physique as he sweat it out with animal flow.

The actor, expected to be a part of the show Khatron ke Khiladi 12, aced the workout— known to help build stability and stamina—like a pro.

He captioned the post, “Flow”. Take a look.

What are flow exercises?

Described as a series of postures that make up a fluid sequence, flow exercises involve seamless movement from one position to another. These crawling and hopping exercises, when combined with yoga poses, make for a muscle-strengthening workout. More dynamic than some yoga postures, animal flow movements help improve stability, power, and strength.

Created by fitness educator Mike Fitch, bodyweight exercises help increase the body’s range of motion without the need for a piece of single equipment. It deeply focuses on myofascial slings or muscles and connective tissues, that work together to create chains of action and reaction, that helps athletes in explosive movements.

What are the exercises?

The exercises, as part of the flow routine, comprised six different components. These are wrist mobilizations (to increase flexibility and strength of the wrists); full body stretches (that start in an animal form and then move through a wide range of motion); activations (static holds to connect the body before starting practice); traveling forms (exercises that mimic the movements of animals); switches (the dynamic movements that create the flow); and flow (everything is combined into a fluid sequence).

Who can do it?

Anyone can incorporate it into their routine, and these can be done anywhere. While it may seem intimidating at first, this workout makes the mind sharp too.

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