Carl Jones arrested for the murder of Ladonia Boggs

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A DC man was sentenced to jail until trial on Thursday after authorities say he fatally stabbed his girlfriend, nearly a year after the woman admitted to dumping their son’s remains in the garbage.

Carl Bernard Jones, 44, has been charged with second degree murder while armed in the death of Ladonia Boggs. Early Wednesday, police responded to a call in the 1500 block of Benning Road NE. Inside the door of one of the apartments in the building, they found the body of 39-year-old Boggs.

According to court records, authorities found puncture wounds on his abdomen and right calf. Authorities in the filings described a trail of blood leading from her body through the bedroom, hallway and living room, where blood was also found on the couch.

Hours later, police obtained security camera footage they say shows Jones carrying a knife outside Boggs’ building. Detectives then tracked down and questioned Jones about Boggs’ death, according to court documents.

During the interrogation, status of court documents, Jones admitted to detectives that he and his girlfriend occasionally smoked PCP. After detectives asked him if he was responsible for killing Boggs, court documents say he replied, “If I did, would I be wrong to do that?”

Jones was arrested and charged with Boggs’ murder on Wednesday night. He appeared before DC Superior Court Magistrate Renee Raymond, who described the evidence in the charging documents as “incredibly strong”. The judge ordered Jones held in the DC jail until trial.

Last year, police charged Boggs with putting the remains of her 2-month-old son Kyon in a trash can after she said he died in early May 2021. Prosecutors later decided to not pursue a murder charge and instead accused Boggs of tampering with physical evidence. She was not jailed in the case and was due in court for a hearing on June 10.

Authorities have not clarified whether the affair involving the baby was a motive for Boggs’ murder.

During Thursday’s hearing, Jones’ attorney argued there was no physical evidence or eyewitnesses linking his client to the murder. Jones’ attorney also argued that Jones lived in the apartment with Boggs, which she said explained why security camera footage showed him outside the building. During questioning by detectives, his attorney said, Jones also denied involvement in his girlfriend’s death.

Assistant US Attorney Sitara Witanachchi maintained that Jones was captured on video throwing a “bloody rug” into a dumpster.

Boggs’ lack of cooperation in the case of the missing baby last year has frustrated authorities.

According to court documents, on May 5, Boggs phoned Jones and told him that the DC Child and Family Services Agency had removed their son from her home. The next day, Jones called the agency to inquire. A social worker told Jones the baby had not been removed from Boggs’ care. The social worker then contacted city authorities, including DC police, about the missing child and Boggs’ use of PCP.

Boggs later told police that a “lady” from Child and Family Services took her son away from her.

After being confronted with her story, Boggs told authorities that she had given the baby to her godmother.

But after authorities were unable to find the godmother, Boggs told police she slept in the same bed as her son and rolled her over as she slept after smoking PCP. earlier in the day, according to court documents. When she woke up, she saw that the baby was not breathing, put her body in a dumpster and gave her clothes to a neighbor.

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