Buses of migrants overwhelm aid groups in DC as more arrive from Texas

Buses of migrants arriving from Texas to the nation’s capital overwhelm aid groups in Washington, DC trying to help.

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FOX 5’s Bob Barnard was at Union Station Friday morning where another bus unloaded dozens of migrants onto the street. Barnard says some groups of migrants have been at the station for days.

Groups like the Migrant Solidarity Network are there to greet buses and help migrants get to their destinations, but Barnard reports the groups receive little to no help from local and federal government.

Barnard says some of the migrants he spoke with hope to make it to other destinations. Some hope to stay in DC and find work. Others are trying to return to Texas.

“After giving us water and a slice of pizza, some were given tickets that others had to pay for and the others, at 2 a.m., they were telling us to leave the station, putting us all out. And we had to sleep on the streets,” said a migrant from Venezuela who spoke to FOX 5. trying to find a solution to our problem to get to our destination.”

On Thursday, the DC City Council sent Mayor Bowser a letter asking him to release emergency funds to care for migrants, provide staff to assist volunteers helping migrants, and also provide shelter near Union Station.

FOX 5 contacted Mayor Bowser’s office to comment on the situation, but did not hear back.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott hopes the effort to bus migrants to DC will grab the attention of federal lawmakers and persuade the Biden administration to take action to secure the southern border.

The migrant bus to the nation’s capital is part of Operation Lone Star, a joint effort between the National Guard and Texas agencies to suppress the flow of migrants entering Texas from Mexico and to stop the flow of weapons , drugs and human trafficking. .


Since its launch in April, more than 6,000 migrants have been transported to Washington on 35 buses.

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