Build Your Glutes (Without Weights) With These Four Easy Moves

If building your glutes is one of your training goals for 2022, I’ve got news for you – no, you won’t be building your dream booty by doing a squat challenge. Although squats are great for strengthening your glutes and leg muscles, only doing squats for 30 days won’t help you achieve your glute shaping goals.

Instead, you need to focus on all the different muscles in the glutes – the gluteus medius, which is the top of the gluteus muscles and is responsible for hip movement, the gluteus minimus, which sits below the gluteus medius and also supports the hip, and the gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three gluteal muscles and is responsible for hip rotation and lateral thigh rotation. The gluteus maximus is also responsible for the shape of the buttocks, so it is often to be targeted if you have a more aesthetic goal.

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