BTS’s J-Hope Reveals Shocking Details About His Weight Loss While Preparing For VIP Listening Party

BTS’s J-Hope reveals details about his weight loss

We’ve had our fair share of stressful parties, haven’t we? From organizing to socializing, a social gathering takes a lot of your toll, and when high-profile figures are involved, you better bet the preparation has to be world-class. And that brings us to the subject of J Hoperecently held a listening party.

For those of you living under a rock, right before J-Hope’s latest album jack in the box was released, the BTS rapper threw a lavish party with the who’s who of the Korean entertainment industry. The Listening Party was talked about for an entire minute, and it looks like J-Hope’s efforts paid off pretty well.

But did you know that the preparation actually cost the star a lot?

Yes, it’s true ! Organizing a gala of such magnitude was already a stressful affair, but add the release of an album literally the next day, everyone is bound to feel the pressure. In J-Hope’s case, it seems his weight loss is the biggest indication of his involvement in the process.

During his appearance on the SBS Power FM radio show, Park So Hyun’s love gamethe rapper opened up about the whole affair and why he was surprised to look in the mirror after the event.

“I didn’t eat a single meal that day. And so before I washed, I put all my clothes away and went to weigh myself,” he began by confessing.

“The first number was ‘5’ (his weight was in the 50s). I looked at my face in the mirror and I looked like a skeleton. It took me by surprise,” J-Hope continued.

If you had any doubts about how hard J-Hope worked to make the event and his album a huge success, well now you know the truth. What do you think of the whole ordeal? Let us know

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