Brown water leaked into Vancouver homes after pipe burst (PHOTOS)

It came as quite a shock to residents of Vancouver’s Fairview neighborhood last night when brown water started pouring from their taps.

It happened after a private water main near Oak Street and 10th Avenue failed and “caused a large temporary spill of water through the pipe.”

In an email to Daily Hive, the City of Vancouver said, “The City Emergency Crew shut down the pipe last night to allow for repairs to the private water line. The property at 985 West 10th Avenue will be without water until repairs are complete, after which the City will reactivate the water line. Repairs are the responsibility of the owner. »

On social media, some people also reported “brown” and “brownish” liquid coming from their faucets throughout the next day.

“The large volume of water has stirred up sediment in the pipe system, a normal occurrence when excess volume passes through a water main,” the city’s email reads. “The sediments pose no health or safety risk.”

The property at 985 West 10th Avenue where the outage originally occurred will be without water until the City can reactivate it.

Are you noticing water quality issues in your neighborhood? You can report it to the City of Vancouver.

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