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During a recent interview on “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg”, Dorothy Shaver, Global Director of Food Sustainability for Unilever, spoke about the importance of integrating nutrition into conversations about sustainable food systems.

“Nutrition, even in food companies, is considered a separate entity. It is seen as something that is outside of [businesses], and it wasn’t integrated enough,” Shaver told Food Tank. She explains that while nutritionists can inform specific stages of product development, they rarely have the chance to observe the entire product development process.

But, argues Shaver, to bring nutritious food to the world’s population, it is essential to transform the food system. “It is not really [about] an individual food and an individual person [or] their individual choices,” Shaver says. “It’s really about trying to create this ecosystem that not only can grow and produce good food for the people of the planet, but also provides the accessibility, affordability, and desirability of those things. “

Over the years, Shaver has strived to take a holistic approach to sustainability. In practice, sustainable food production takes different forms depending on the crop and the region where it is grown, but, says Shaver, “at the end of the day, it’s really about growing the right foods in the right places. , in the right way and in the right way. the amounts. All food can be grown in great ways, using minimal resources and truly giving back to the planet, capturing carbon [and] feed the soil. »

Shaver highlights 50 crops, known as Future 50 Foods, that can increase the nutrient density of consumers’ diets while reducing the harmful effects of food production on the environment. Ranging from fonio and quinoa to seaweed and Bambara peanuts, these globally grown foods not only help increase farmers’ livelihoods and support planetary health, but are also delicious. “I also like to think that the food is extremely enjoyable and [it can] bring people together.”

Listen to the full conversation with Dorothy Shaver on “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg” to learn more about bringing joy back to the food system, Shaver’s advice for small and medium-sized businesses adopting sustainability commitments and maintain the global food system.

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Photo courtesy of Gabriel Jimenez, Unsplash

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