Bradley Cooper reportedly dated this high-profile politician for months

There’s nothing better than when a couple manages to sneak past all the paparazzos on a red carpet. That’s apparently what Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin did at this year’s Met Gala — they arrived together and then went their separate ways for those all-important photoshoots.

If you’re not related to Abedin, she’s Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide, and also the ex-wife of Anthony Weiner (yes, the politician who went by the name “Carlos Danger”) by slipping into the SMs of young women). As a highly accomplished political figure dating a high-profile blockbuster actor, they’re the power couple we didn’t know we needed. The matchmaker for this unlikely duo is vogue editor Anna Wintour, according to Page 6. “Anna definitely played matchmaker,” an insider revealed. “She’s best friends with Bradley and adores Huma.”

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The couple have worked hard to keep things “quiet”, according to another source, but they’ve been dating “for a few months now”. They continued: “They are perfect for each other. They are both into power, politics and human affairs. Abedin revealed in a profile in late May in The Guardian that she was “trying to stay open” about dating, but found it both “terrifying” and “exciting”. Despite her ex’s outrageous behavior, she hasn’t lost hope. “I believe in love – I had it, I know what it was, I wish I had that feeling again,” she explained.

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If this couple is actually real, it could be the New York couple of the summer of 2022. It’ll be hard for them to dodge the paparazzi now that their alleged secret is out, but we feel like this power match is similar to George and Amal Clooney, where their interest in art, politics, and successful careers align perfectly. We’re going to hope this Cooper-Abedin pairing is true because we can already see Wintour planning their vogue cover story.

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