Blow to Rishi Sunak as Sajid Javid backs Liz Truss in race for number 10

Sajid Javid has backed Liz Truss as the next leader of the Conservative Party, which will be a blow to Rishi Sunak.

The former health secretary and former leadership hopeful attacked Mr. Sunak’s economic policies as he revealed his pick in The Times tonight.

He suggested that Mr Sunak’s refusal to cut taxes meant the UK risked ‘sleepwalking into a high-tax, low-growth economy’ with a loss of ‘global influence and power’.

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While he said Ms Truss has a ‘bold agenda’ which can beat Labor and ‘stop Britain sliding into the middle ranks’.

He wrote: “Some argue that tax cuts can only come once we have growth. I believe the exact opposite – tax cuts are a precondition for growth.

“Tax cuts are now essential. There are no risk-free options in government. However, in my view, not cutting taxes carries an even greater risk.”

Mr Javid launched a leadership race on a platform of sweeping tax cuts but quickly pulled out, struggling to win enough nominations from Tory MPs to make it through to the first ballot.

The former health secretary left Boris Johnson’s cabinet in June, leading to a wave of resignations.

In his letter to the Prime MinisterMr Javid said he could ‘no longer in good conscience continue to serve in this government’ referring to Mr Johnson’s tone and values ​​reflecting ‘on your colleagues, your party and ultimately the country’ .

He added: “It is clear to me that this situation will not change under your leadership – and therefore you have lost my trust as well.”

Mr Javid is the latest senior Tory MP to back Ms Truss, having received backing from Tom Tugendhat and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace last week.

The Foreign Secretary’s bid to lead the Conservatives has also been boosted by two polls giving him massive leads.

She won a 34 percentage point lead over Mr Sunak in a YouGov poll of party members, before a poll for the ConservativeHome website gave her a 32 point lead.

However, she insisted she wasn’t taking anything for granted as a delay in releasing the ballots due to cybersecurity concerns gave her rival some more time to catch up.

Ms Truss and Mr Sunak will take part in another Conservative Party leadership race tonight in Cardiff as the race for Number 10 continues.

Voting will close in the competition on September 2, with the winner to be announced on September 5 and replacing Mr Johnson the following day.

As the leadership race continues to heat up, Mr Sunak and Ms Truss will face the cameras again this week on Sky News.

Taking place on Thursday August 4 at 8pm at Sky Studios in west London, The Battle for Number 10 will see the contestants take part in back-to-back questions from the live studio audience of Conservative Party members who remain largely undecided on who to vote.

This will then be followed by an in-depth interview with Kay Burley.

The program will be broadcast live for 90 minutes and free of charge on Sky News channel 501, Freeview 233, Sky Showcase channel 106 and Sky News digital channels.

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