Bleach: Thousand Year Bloody War Panel: Live Blog

The time has come. After years of absence, Bleach is back and ready to be better than ever. The show plans to return to television in 2022 with an all-new series, and it will adapt the Bloody Thousand Year War arc. After years and years, Bleach returns to the main events stage at Anime Expo to tout its return with special announcements and surprises. So if you want to keep up to date with everything, ComicBook has you covered below!

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Bleach series creator Tite Kubo is now here with a video. He loves the key visual and is very happy with it. He started doing the TYBW arc just when the anime was supposed to end. So he said the final arc without limits because it might be too much for television. But now he’s confident the show can do the arc well.

His favorite arc was the invading army in the anime. And for TYBW, he wants fans to appreciate art and color. It will be different from before. There were a lot of back and forths. There are a lot of characters and battles that never made it into the manga. He is very excited to see the first captain fight Yhwach. It will be an incredible show. In addition, the Bambies will have a new fight. Kubo sent all these ideas.

Kubo is very involved in every step of the animation here. This time, he feels he is taking jobs as animators. He wants the fans to get the most out of it and will get the job done. Kubo believes the staff has a deep understanding of Bleach.

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Ruff comments on how she feels about facing this final arc while dancing. As for Woren, he says he is delighted, excited and ready.

Morita returns with more cosplay notes. Director Taguchi has notes with the producer on TYBW. Both feel angsty but ask fans to look forward. They’re a bit behind the show due to its high quality, but that tends to happen on good shows. They prefer to take the time to fulfill our high hopes as fans. The staff is very motivated to create a great show for the fans. The duo want to give fans something awesome and the poster here is made by Masashi Kido.

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Michelle Ruff and Dan Woren, respectively Rukia and Byakuya, are now on stage. Ruff is very eager for the series to return as they finally finish the story. And for Woren, he says it’s all down to the fans.

As for what they’re excited for, Woren is ready to see Byakuya return and spend time with his sister again. He praises the fans for being so amazing. And to Ruff, she feels like Rukia was getting back on her feet. She goes into girl power warrior mode.

And what do they like best about their roles? Woren likes that Byakuya is a soft-spoken badass. Ruff thinks Rukia was cut from the same cloth. She’s a badass and a warrior. That’s the funniest thing about her.

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Masakazu Morita, the voice of Ichigo, intervenes. He says it’s been a long time. He is very excited for the show and has a message to share. The original anime ran for eight years and ended while the manga continued. But after ten long years, the show is back. Congratulation! He promises that the visuals in this series will wow fans. Technology has come so far.

Johnny Yong Bosch appears on video to give an English Bankai. Has he mastered it? The Japanese star wants to know…! And he has!

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The panel begins with Uryu’s voice, Noriaki Sugiyama, saying he’s happy to see the fans back after all this time. After ten years, the series returns and Noriaki is delighted. The actor says his fellow actors said they wanted to finish the story even then. But they were still surprised to be asked to come back and are grateful to come back.

When asked about Uryu, the actor says he’s serious and good-hearted but has times when he can be silly around Ichigo. Bleach has a light beard and Uryu brings a bit of humor to wild moments. But in this final arc, it has some very serious moments.

Noriaki reviews his favorite scenes from the anime. He likes one since the beginning of the anime when Uryu teams up with Ichigo. He really wanted the scene to sound funny there. Uryu has sexy moments but loves to sew, which makes him inherently funny. As a final message, Noriaki is excited to speak with fans again.


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