Bill Sienkiewicz and Brian Michael Bendis Talk Legendary Moon Knight Races

The Marvel Cinematic Universe prides itself on taking unfamiliar characters and turning them into household names. First, Guardians of the Galaxy became a billion dollar franchise. Now, moon knight dominates the conversation on social networks. As for the latter, the Fist of Khonshu isn’t as lucky as, say, a character like Iron Man or Captain America in the fact that they each have dozens of individual comics. In reality, moon knight comic book series are generally rare – and we’ve got our hands on two of the most popular creators behind the character to discuss all things Marc Spector.

You see, Comic Creators About Creators is a simple concept – invite a pair of creators on a call to discuss their shared passion for characters and storytelling, how they broke into comics, and tell all the stories they really want to tell. For our first episode, we’re lucky a pair of legends answered the call.: Moon Knight artist Bill Sienkiewicz and writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Over the course of an hour, the two talk about their respective races on a moon knight comedy series and the shape of the industry in general. Sienkiewicz talks about how he landed his first job at Marvel, despite only having a Batman pinup portfolio. He recalls a heartbreaking story where he changed his life for the better after fracturing his hand – unable to draw – after hitting a garage door.

Then there’s Bendis, who remembers going to art school and using Sienkiewicz’s work for his own inspiration, telling his teachers and classmates that the artist was going to be the next big hit. It reveals a story where he grew up surrounded by Sienkiewicz artwork, even having one of the artist’s posters hanging in his bedroom.

You can watch the full hour-long first episode of Comic Creators About Creators above.

four episodes of moon knight are streaming now on Disney+, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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