Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee shares mother’s mental health issues, bursts into tears

Bigg Boss 15 is hugely popular. The reality show creators leave no stone unturned to keep the tension intact. The stiff competition has kept fans glued to their telly, and now in a recent episode, roommates were asked to reveal each other’s secrets.

During the task, one participant had to read out a secret, while the other housemates had to guess whose it belonged. The task begins with Abhijeet reading the secret: “I changed the gender to perform in a show.” He suspects it is Rakhi, but it belongs to Nishant. Then Nishant picks up a chit and reads, “I wanted to take my mom on vacation, but she thought I was taking her to a mental asylum. So she didn’t come.” Nishant suspects it’s Devoleena. The actress says Nishant is right and shares that her mother has mental health problems. “She said I wanted to take her on a trip abroad, but my mother thought I would take her to a mental institution ”, says Devoleena in tears. Rakhi comforts her and gives her a big hug.

The task even makes Rakhi emotional when her secret is read aloud. During Karan Kundrra’s turn, he reads a secret about Rakhi Sawant’s father. She told that her father married two women and while Rakhi is telling the story, she collapses and apologizes to her mother.

Television actress says “I’m really sorry mom, mujhe nahi batana tha kabhi, mam ne kaha tha, ye raaz joh hai, unke saath he jaayega. Jab papa heart attack se expired hone waale the tab unhone mujhe bataya tha… ben sorry mom mujhe batana nahi tha.”


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