Bianchini’s Cronulla moves into a corner to bigger premises at Wavelength | County Leader of St George and Sutherland

Bianchini’s espresso in Cronulla is moving around the corner to larger premises at the base of the Wavelength development where it will operate as a coffee shop.

Sutherland Shire Mayor Carmelo Pesce, owner of the Bianchini business, which includes cafes in Elouera Surf Club and Gymea, said there was no conflict with his advisory role.

Cr Pesce has rented its current premises in Cronulla, opposite the beach and known to some as “the Mayor’s Cafe”, for eight years.

The future: the New Bianchini site behind the Wavelength development. Photo: John Veage

Looking to expand, he bought one of two commercial properties at the back of the Wavelength development earlier this year. They open onto Surf Lane opposite the back of the old IGA supermarket.

The proposed new Bianchini have been approved by a private certifier under the Compliant Development Certificate (CDC) process, which the Department of Planning describes as “an expedited approval process for simple residential, commercial and industrial development “.

A modification request (MA) was then filed to extend the trading hours from 5:30 a.m. to midnight indoors, and until 10 p.m. indoors, seven days a week.

Cr Pesce said Sutherland Shire Council staff would not be involved in the assessment of the AM.

Cr Pesce says the new Bianchini will help activate Surf Lane.  Photo: John Veage

Cr Pesce says the new Bianchini will help activate Surf Lane. Photo: John Veage

“The assessment will be carried out externally and then passed on to the local planning committee,” he said.

Cr Pesce said the compliant development process was faster but more demanding than a development application.

“Every box should be checked with a CDC,” he said.

Cr Pesce said the business was “too big for the little corner shop, and customers are asking for something like what we have at Elouera”.

Bianchini is in Cronulla.  Photo: John Veage

Bianchini is in Cronulla. Photo: John Veage

“The new premises will allow us to expand, with a better offer,” he said.

“We have great chefs, who offer very good affordable meals for the whole family.

“I’m looking for a master’s degree for extended hours to align with other restaurants in Cronulla.

“If we’re fine during the day, we might open for dinner one evening during the warmer months.”

Cr Pesce said the expansion of the business would create more local jobs, going from six to 10 employees currently to probably 30 to 40.

Cr Pesce said Bianchini would help activate Surf Lane like Blackwood Pantry did in the next block.

Men’s Republic Barber, which was previously located further down Surf Lane, has already opened next to the Bianchini site.

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