Beyond26 Founder Writes New Book About Nonprofit Formation

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — The founder and executive director of Beyond26 has written a new book about how the nonprofit was formed. Beyond26’s story by Dirk Bakhuyzen is now available from Schuler Books and

The book also focuses on introducing the Bakhuyzen family to the world of disability and how this led to the creation of a non-profit organization that connects job seekers with disabilities to employment opportunities. . It also gives practical advice and resources for readers who want to start a similar nonprofit organization. “I intended to provide specific tools for others who are called to serve,” Bakuyzen said. “Serving the disabled community in West Michigan is exactly where God wants me to be.” He also says the inspiration for the book started after his son told him there should be a Beyond26 in every community across the country.

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Dirk Bakhuyzen

Beyond26 was created in 2018. It matches job seekers with jobs based on their skills and circumstances. Beyond26 also provides pre-employment services that address employment readiness issues and connect job seekers to appropriate resources. Once a client is matched with a business, the nonprofit continues to provide ongoing follow-up and support services.

“The book was a joy to write because of my passion for helping people with disabilities find purpose and relationships in their lives,” Bakhuyzen said. “It is very rewarding to see the ripple effect extend to families, businesses and the community as a whole. The book is personal and full of successes and learning experiences in forming and running this much needed organization.

Beyond26’s story is now available on Schuler Books and

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