Better mobile coverage for Ravenhall

The Federal Government has announced that Ravenhall will receive two new mobile base stations to improve connectivity in the western suburbs.

The installation of the two new mobile base stations will take place at Ravenhall.

One of the stations will serve Optus users and the other will support TPG services.

The new sites will be part of the government’s Mobile Black Spot program, which aims to improve mobile coverage in regional and remote areas of the country, with 1,000 already built.

Victorian Senator Sarah Henderson said reliable mobile coverage was something Australian residents needed.

“Fixing mobile coverage is key to ensuring that people in the Victoria region not only stay safe, especially in emergencies such as bushfires, but receive infrastructure that is on par with those who live in metropolitan cities,” she said.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher said the government was committed to improving mobile connectivity for people living in outlying urban areas.

“Improving coverage in the urban periphery will help communities access vital information in an emergency, seek help when needed, and stay in touch with loved ones,” he said.

An additional $28.2 million was announced on April 22 to build an additional 66 mobile sites at various locations across Australia.

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